Gossamer yarn 
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30% Kid Mohair, 52% Nylon, 18% Polyester. Our all time best seller! Luxurious mohair with randomly inserted metallic chenille. Knit simple and get a great, high-class look!
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Total Colors: 34
Weight: DK
Gauge: 5.00 Stitches/Inch
Needle Size: 5.00
Yardage: 222.00
Collection Date: Winter 2006
Available color swatches for this yarn:  
Enlarge color 6302-White w/Purl
6302-White w/Purl
Enlarge color 6182-Grey w/Platinum
6182-Grey w/Platinum
Enlarge color 6398-Blue w/Silver
6398-Blue w/Silver
Enlarge color 6250-Black w/Platinum
6250-Black w/Platinum
Enlarge color 6142-Brown w/Copper
6142-Brown w/Copper
Enlarge color 6700-Black w/Silver
6700-Black w/Silver
Enlarge color 6350-Red w/Gold
6350-Red w/Gold
Enlarge color 6090-Baby Pink w/Silver
6090-Baby Pink w/Silver
Enlarge color 5012-Pink w/Pink
5012-Pink w/Pink
Enlarge color 6100-Baby Purple w/Royal Purple
6100-Baby Purple w/Royal Purple
Enlarge color 6115-Beige w/Copper
6115-Beige w/Copper
Enlarge color 6128-Hunter Green w/Copper
6128-Hunter Green w/Copper
Enlarge color 5027-Sky Blue w/Blue
5027-Sky Blue w/Blue
Enlarge color 5043-Red w/Red
5043-Red w/Red
Enlarge color 6111-Purple w/Magenta
6111-Purple w/Magenta
Enlarge color 6059-Pale Green w/Green
6059-Pale Green w/Green
Enlarge color 6512-Orange w/Copper
6512-Orange w/Copper
Enlarge color 5025-Grey w/Steel
5025-Grey w/Steel
Enlarge color 5048-Black w/Copper
5048-Black w/Copper
Enlarge color 5042-Pink w/Gold
5042-Pink w/Gold
Enlarge color 6071-Brown w/Copper
6071-Brown w/Copper
Enlarge color 6509-Yellow w/Silver
6509-Yellow w/Silver
Enlarge color 6600-Black w/Gold
6600-Black w/Gold
Enlarge color 6300-White w/Gold
6300-White w/Gold
Enlarge color 6102-Turqoise w/Silver
6102-Turqoise w/Silver
Enlarge color Black w/Black
Black w/Black
Enlarge color 6105-Baby Blue w/Sliver
6105-Baby Blue w/Sliver
Enlarge color 6487-Yellow w/Gold
6487-Yellow w/Gold
Enlarge color 5037-Claret w/Fiesta Red
5037-Claret w/Fiesta Red
Enlarge color 6200-Light Brown w/Copper
6200-Light Brown w/Copper
NEW Color!
Enlarge color 5001 - White w/ "Angelina" Fiber
5001 - White w/ "Angelina" Fiber
NEW Color!
Enlarge color 6056 - Seafoam w/"Angelina" Fiber
6056 - Seafoam w/"Angelina" Fiber
NEW Color!
Enlarge color 6122-Cantaloupe w/"Angelina" Fiber
6122-Cantaloupe w/"Angelina" Fiber
NEW Color!
Enlarge color 6126-Purple w/"Angelina" Fiber
6126-Purple w/"Angelina" Fiber

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